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Using client market research to drive increased market share

Litmus Research offers the professional market research skills of our colleague Robin Dicks (see his bio on our ‘Team‘ page) to help you understand what your customers are really thinking.  Key to Robin’s work is not just a deep understanding of how to run a client research programme, but also tried and tested techniques to create genuine business opportunities.

Robin’s clients find that, in addition to the benefits they get from better management information that can be used for strategic planning, marketing and performance management, the revenue directly generated exceeds the cost of the research.


Your management is faced with a multiplicity of changes, regulatory updates, compliance issues and other demands on their time and energy. That makes it even more important that, in the midst of this maelstrom, they can focus effort on the things which really matter.

People and organisations don’t have the luxury of time and unlimited investment to “get it wrong” and they certainly don’t want to waste time on things that are incidental. Therefore there is a really important need to listen to existing clients, as well as prospective clients and intermediaries.

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Your clients don’t expect anyone to take their business for granted, notwithstanding the longevity of their relationship.
They like their partners to gain robust, independent, objective feedback from them about their performance – and to use that insight to refine what they do.
Do you know which of your clients are at risk?
Unlock your hidden potential



Transform your business with Litmus Research

A well designed client feedback programme can provide insights which you can use across your business to enhance performance and enable you to better focus investment to build market share and revenue.

Sophisticated client feedback

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LITMUS ANALYSIS is a team of analysts offering a broad range of products and services designed to create increased transparency, clarity and knowledge in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

We bring the skills and experience of a team of top analysts to the insurance world.

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