The LUCID Library

Want to work out who owns who?

Make sure you’re talking about the right carrier?

Need to aggregate exposure to groups?

Can’t find out where that old insurer ended up?

Visit The LUCID Library – a growing database of over 5,000 insurers

Incorporating name standardisation, tracking names changes and ownership through time

Efficiency in design, simplicity in construction, transparency in execution, LUCIDITY is here

Designed exclusively with the goal of supporting accurate and consistent identification of insurance and reinsurance counterparties, LUCID increases efficiency, facilitates tracking and ensures accurate and speedy reporting

LUCID is an extensive and growing library of live and legacy markets providing comprehensive coverage of

LUCID, a new approach to effective entity identification in the global insurance industry

For those of you who’d like to get a bit more technical, read on…

Behind The LUCID Library lies a sophisticated architecture, incorporating The LUCID Code – 

The LUCID Code

featuring The Litmus Unique Company IDentifier

LUCID is a system designed and built using proven industry standards and architectures, written and maintained by Litmus’ Microsoft Gold Development Partner.

LUCID enables enterprise systems and business processes to identify insurance entities correctly, and for them to be referenced across your business systems and work processes consistently and reliably.

Using the LUCID code in your business systems and processes will ensure –

Using the LUCID Code increases efficiency, facilitates tracking, supports regulatory compliance and ensures accurate and speedy reporting

Life’s so much easier with the LUCID Code